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 tl;dr  I researched the hat purchasing retail process and collaborated with creative technologists to design a more pleasant and eye-catching hat-size measuring tool for teenage sports fans buying their first caps.

It doesn’t matter what type of runner you are – beginner, indoor, or hardcore marathoner – Nike+ GPS can help you improve your run.


Nike+ GPS launched in September 2010 and was the #1 paid app in the Health and Fitness category. Overall, it launched as the #2 paid app…only behind Angry Birds. We went on to be App Store App of the Week and joined the App Store Hall of Fame.

The iPhone application allows runners to map their runs, track progress, and engage their Facebook/Twitter friends to cheer them on.

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Congratulations to my old team. The time I spent with you has been some of the best times I have had working on a project, and it felt like family. I’ve learned more than I ever had with you all. We won a ton of awards, and all I can say is that I was really just riding all your coattails. As we have mostly split ways since, I find it even more relevant to say cheers again to the original crew.

  • Art Director - Adam Jesberger , R/GA
  • Producer - Allen Yeh , R/GA
  • Senior Interaction Designer - Andrew Mercando , R/GA
  • Design Director - Cesar Marchetti , R/GA
  • Technical Team Director - Chris Thorwarth , R/GA
  • Executive Creative Director, Mobile & Social Platforms - Ian Spalter , R/GA
  • Software Engineer - Ilya Rivkin , R/GA
  • Group Director, Production - James Kuo , R/GA
  • Associate Creative Director - Joo Youn Paek , R/GA
  • Technical Team Leader & Social Platform Architect, Mobile & Social Platforms - Josh Stephenson , R/GA
  • Associate Creative Director - Masha Ioveva , R/GA
  • Executive Director, Quality Assurance - Michael Shagalov , R/GA
  • Senior Visual Designer - Ray Sison , R/GA
  • Senior Software Engineer & Solution Architect - Robert Carlsen , R/GA
  • Senior Copywriter - Ross Weythman , R/GA
  • VP, Managing Director - Sean Lyons , R/GA
  • Interaction Design Director - Stephen Kob , R/GA
  • Technical Director - Sune Kaae , R/GA
  • Creative Director, Interaction Design - Tim Allen , R/GA
  • Senior Quality Assurance Engineer - Tim King , R/GA
  • Analyst - Will Sandwick , R/GA


  • Webby - Winner, Integrated Mobile Experience
  • Facebook Studio 2012 - Bronze
  • Clio - Gold Interactive
  • One Show Interactive - Gold Pencil, Consumer Goods
  • One Show Interactive - Bronze Pencil, Social Networks/Community
  • Communication Arts Interactive Annual 17 - Experimental
  • AICP Next - Apps
  • AICP Next - Audience Choice
  • User Experience Awards - Gold, Best User Experience
  • SAMMY - Best Integrated Social/Mobile Integrated Campaign


My role for Nike+ GPS was as a product manager, not UX designer.


I acted as central point of contact for clients and managed the process for a team of 20 UX, visual, QA, and tech members. We executed the first three release versions of the app.




Len Yeh, Producer

The rest of my team is listed in the credits below