what are we doing to share our inside knowledge with people?

 ⬆︎ ann friedman, Journalist

My career wouldn't exist without the many drinks, meals, and chats shared with mentors and peers. The open-source exchange of information that accumulated over the years sit in my notes, bookmarks, and email. Hoarded in the cloud somewhere, they're not getting used as much as they could.

At some point — when helping a friend get a job in UX — Ann Friedman wrote a newsletter about sharing inside information. It wasn’t a call for illegal activity, but rather a call to support those looking from the outside and wanting in.  "Are we hoarding resources?" she challenged. 

I was, but no more. Here are some of my favorite resources and tools.

This page will be pretty empty for a bit, but I figured a handful of resources is already better than none. In the meantime, shoot me a note the regular way. 

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Visual Vocabulary

By Jesse James Garrett

Garrett supposedly was the first to standardize notation for interaction design, and I've found it to be a trusty tool for more complex logic systems. It maintains clarity for engineers and product managers alike. It's my current favorite, and I swiped it from Google Designer Simon Pan.


Designing Confirmation

By Andrew Coyle

On a project regarding user settings and permissions, I had to think diligently about copy for confirming user intent. Coyle's short resource here was a fantastic guideline and helped me make some solid justifications.


Hyper Island Toolbox

A great reference and resource kit for team building exercises or idea generation. You don't need to follow anything 100%, as it's great to mix-and-match or alter to your team needs.


Above the fold is a myth

by Rob Lafratta

A good collection of reading and research for that inevitable meeting when someone mentions designing “above the fold” in a simplistic manner. If content below the fold isn’t doing well, it’s might be because the content needs improvement or there are serious visual roadblocks.



UX Writing

Title Case Converter

A nice little tool I always like to keep handy when writing headlines and can't always remember which words to capitalize. You can style any line of text into AP, Chicago, MLA, New York Times, and more.




Where Are The Boss Ladies?

Founded by @mara.lecocq

Where Are The Boss Ladies is not simply a crowd-sourced list of ad agencies with women in charge. It are also a resource for people to find female mentorship and advice for dealing with work situations. 

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If you’ve ever been frustrated by figuring out what a competitive salary is for your tech-minded job, I recommend using Levels.fyi as a baseline source to understand salary bands and total comp (TC) in major Silicon Valley companies. Glassdoor and LinkedIn skew low, which Daniel Burka (ex-GV Design Partner) explains in this article.